Thursday, September 17, 2015

Observation Tower #6

Observation Tower #6
Oil on 6"x6" stretched canvas

While strolling the beach at Topsail, NC, my eyes landed on the ghostly, dilapidated, old remains of this structure. There were also poles in the ocean in front of it. So I figured it must have been part of a pier. I was right... partly. Originally, it was an observation tower for Operation Bumblebee shortly after WW2. The navy conducted top-secret missile tests at Topsail, a mostly uninhabited area at the time. There were 8 towers built and all but one still stand. I was so enthralled by the history, that I sought out all the towers along with the Control Tower and Assembly Building (a museum). A few of the towers were unrecognizable because they were transformed and incorporated into homes. In the 50s, Tower #6, which started my little quest, was turned into a business place with a pier. I loved my stay at Topsail!

You can see the towers and read about them at this website:

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