Friday, September 25, 2015

3 Free-Style Paintings

Mental Gardening
Acrylics on 5"x7" Cold Press Paper

Lovely Couple
Acrylics on 5"x7" Cold Press Paper

House in the Wodds
Acrylics on 5"x7" Cold Press Paper

I am getting ready for a Bob Burridge workshop in Raleigh, NC, in November. He does not work from photos or real life. He draws from his own imagination. Not an easy method. Most of my inspiration is drawn from real life. These paintings were started with black and white acrylic paint and simply mixed to make an abstract base. Mental Gardening and Lovely Couple were mainly light with a dark focal point. House in the Woods was the opposite. I limited my palette to four colors along with white and black: red-yellow, purple-blue, green and purple-red for the focal point. It's an enjoyable process.

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